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GST Calculator

This is a simple little GST calculator you can use to stop your brain hurting.

Just enter the amount hit the add or subtract GST button.

GST: GST 15%
Total: Total @ 15%

GST was first introduced into New Zealand on 1 October 1986 at a rate of 10%, this generally led to a price increase of 10% on all goods and services, however some of the increase was offset by the removal of sales taxes on some items.

Then GST was then further increased to 12.5% on 1 July 1989 and then again to 15% on 1 October 2010.

Businesses only pay the difference on the GST collected and the GST paid.

Recently there has been some strong political debate on the removal of GST from fruit and vegetables.

Visit the IRD website to get all the authoritive answers on Goods and services tax (GST)